Madeleine’s Official Top Seventeen List™

Coinciding with the release of the 2018 Oscar nominations, I thought I would weigh in with my favorite 17 movies of 2017. With my top films of the year, I chose them based on three things:

  1. How much I enjoyed them and/or how much they stuck with me.
  2. How “good” of a film they were, in terms of their craft.
  3. Cultural significance and relevance.

2018 oscars

17. Beauty and the Beast

16. Dunkirk

15. Lego Batman

14. Spider-Man: Homecoming

13. To the Bone

12. Wonder Woman

11. All the Money in the World

10. Battle of the Sexes

9. It

8. Okja

7. Get Out

6. The Big Sick

5. Lady Bird

4. Logan

3. War for the Planet of the Apes

2. Baby Driver

1. The Unknown Girl

the unknown girl

I have not yet seen Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing Missouri, Molly’s Game, The Florida Project, Phantom Thread, or I, Tonya.

My favorite scenes of the year:

“We’re all to blame” – Wonder Woman

Mall Chase Scene- Baby Driver

“Gaston” Musical Number- Beauty and the Beast

Kumail’s Comedy Show with Beth and Roy- The Big Sick

“The Sunken Place” – Get Out

Worst Film of the Year: The Emoji Movie

-Madeleine D

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